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Natalie's Choice Omega Foods  - available on line or at a few select stores where natural foods are available. Exported from Lancaster County Pennsylvania to your home or business.Your Choices Are Your Business. Enjoy everything in moderation and eat what you believe will help you live the longest. What we offer:


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1-800-873-4367 in the United States.

 Note: not all products under Natalie's line are Vegan, some have honey in them.


No Eating Hemp Seed Won't Trigger A False Positive

Hemp Seed is a great source of plant based minerals and essential oils. You don't mill it like flax, can eat it raw, shelled, whole or ground into a protein powder. Basically hemp is good for skin hair and heart. Ask Doctor Oz or Andrew Weil - they've been preaching the benefits of hemp for over 10 years. You'll see many brands of hemp seed - ours comes in from Canada - it's packaged in a woman owned facility. Here are some of the benefits listed below. Test Pledge is for Hempzels our partner brand under the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. We use the same hemp seed, hemp flour and hemp oil. All missing THC for those bummed to know. Agricultural hemp vs medicinal or recreational varieties of Cannabis.


Benefits of Hemp Seed

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Pennsylvania Produced

No You Won't Test Positive