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Garlic Jam

  • Garlic Lovers Unite & Jam with Us



    Are you a garlic lover? just like garlic? - you are going to love this jam. Initially developed to go with our Hempeanut Butter & Jams but at the Gourmet Food Shows the Chef's and attendees suggest using NataliesChoice Sweet Garlic Jam on vegetables, toast, bagels, cream cheese, sandwiches, meats, cheeses, grilling, glazing, marinading -Packaged in small glass jars  and now 32oz for family or food service.

    Refrigerate after opening. No hemp seed in this particular product - we tried - but regardless it's a great product exported from Lancaster Pennsylvania.


    - Dietrichs Meats - Kempton area, PA.

    9oz - Available direct by the jar or case.


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