• It's All About The Hemp Seed

    It's All About The Hemp Seed

    Hemp Seed That Is Used In Natalie's Choice Omega Foods - Raw on the left / whole on the right. Squeeze them you get oil.  Sold in resealable bags & in bulk We have Organic But Primarily Import Conventional. Canadian Hemp Seed Is Grown Without Herbicides, Pesticides Or Fungicides. Read More
  • Jam-Garlic-Sweet-Traditional-Country-Spread


     Real garlic made with real sugar for a real good jam. I tried having hemp seed added in - it looked good but seperated. This is another good example of quality - Amish made for Natalie's Choice Traditional Country Jams.  Karns Foods Hershey - Dietrichs Meats - Kempton area, PA. 9oz - Available direct by the jar or case. ORDER HERE Read More
  • Jam-Cherry-Pepper-Traditional-Country-Jam


    We are happy to have reformulated our Hot Pepper jam removing some industry preservatives. We have some of the last batch left at a great discount or you can buy the new batch - initially this jam was to be the "spicy peanut butter and jelly" with Natalie's Hemp Seed Nut Butter but the more gourmet food shows we do and listen to the customers who rave about this jam and how using it in Cream Cheese with crackers or in a meat loaf - likened to General Tso's flavor...real sugar - real cherry peppers. Enjoy and it's on sale for the holidays & sampling will happen at the Harrisburg Farm Show - January 7-15th Booth 502 Main Hall. Read More
  • Natalies hemp, flax, berry bar with Organic granola.

    Natalies hemp, flax, berry bar with Organic granola.

        Natalie's Choice organic granola (soft) combined with raw hemp, milled flax, cranberries. 2.25oz bar Read More
  • Hemp Peanut Butter and Jelly Hemp Alternative

    Hemp Peanut Butter and Jelly Hemp Alternative

    I grew up eating Peanut Butter & Jelly on bread. We really like the hemp seed, either blended with Roasted Peanuts or Sunflower and it's great at 100% raw hemp seed & oil we do add a little coconut sugar & sea salt in the mix and are still working it out - some jars are on sale today. . Made from: lightly toasted whole hemp seeds & expeller pressed hemp seed oil - no sugar - no preservatives. Produced in a facility that doesn't produce or process peanuts or nuts or use wheat. Must be kept cold. Keep refrigerated.  Presently we are not offering our Raspberry Hemp Jam with Hemp Pictured below & mated with Natalie's Hemp Nut-Less Butter.  We are reworking the formulation for 2017 summer. We offer our Traditional Country Jams to compliment the Peanut Butter & Jelly Alternative. Garlic, Hot Pepper for Spicey P&J.               New raw  hemp seed combined with Peanuts or Sunflowers or 100% hemp Read More
  • Nut-less hemp seed spread

    Nut-less hemp seed spread

            Decrease your risk of peanut allergies with this alternative Increase your protein, vitamin E, keep refrigerated after opening upon purchase and before use, stir well makes approximately 12 sandwiches depending on how thick you spread it wheat, dairy, gluten-free   Read More
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Hemp flax and Berry Bar 2.25oz

Whole Hemp Seed

People ask when we are on the road - "What's the best product?" by far the healthiest, most nutrition without the complicated carbs, sugars it has to be hemp seed, now for the purist who want everything raw that's just not possible with the whole seed, to me the rawer the better but right now it's lightly toasted or irradiated - my choice is light toasting with still plenty of nutrition and a nice taste. No milling since hemp seed is a digestible edestin protein. In the near future we'll offer whole hemp seed in 1lb bags, 5lb bulk, raw, protein powder and more...stay tuned at Natalie's Choice.com

Traditional Country Jams with Hemp Nut-less Spread

Cutting back on peanut butter with Natalie's Choice 100% Hemp Seed Nut-less spread-butter needs a compliment when making my favorite sandwich. It's more complicated producing Natalie's Raspberry with hemp seed so the "Traditional Country Jam" has been added. Varieity is the spice of life but all compliment the hemp spread and can be used in other recipes. Home made in small batches 9oz jars. By the jar or case, mix or match.



  • Nut Butter and Jam or Jelly Combinations
    • Natalie's Nut Butters: 
    • Whole Hemp Seed & Hemp Oil - out of stock
    • Raw Hemp Hearts & Hemp Oil - new test batches
    • Raw Hemp Hearts & Roasted Sunflower Seed - new test batches Sun-Hemp Butter
    • Raw Hemp Hearts & Roasted Peanuts - Peanut-Hemp Butter


    • Natalie's Tradtional Jams
    • Cranberry
    • Peach
    • Pineapple
    • Triple Treat
    • Mixed Fruits
    • & more


    • Natalie's Traditional Jams (No Sugar Added)
    • Blueberry
    • Blackberry Jelly
    • BlackRaspberry Jelly
    • Apricot Jam
    • Red Raspberry Jam
  • Natalie's Hemp Seed Nut-less Butter

    Using imported Canadian Hemp Seed whole or the hearts we blend them into a spreadable form, keep cold. High protein with higher essential fatty acids vs traditional peanut butter.

  • Raspberry and Hemp Jam

  • Lenka's Organic Granola Bars

    Artisan Made in small batches near Lancaster County Pennsylvania, sold to local conviencence stores in PA & NJ or shipped direct - 2.25oz bars, large size with Organic Granola and a combination of flax or with chocolate or with nuts. 4 types, 3 in stocks 

  • Natalie's Hemp Flax Berry Bar 2.25oz

    Natalie's Hemp & Flax bars with the addition of raw hemp seed and milled flax, combined with the Organic Granola mix this bar isn't dry since there is oil in it from the hemp along with some raw cane sugar, honey & a wee bit of brown sugar. 6 points for those who know the secrets in Weight Watchers. Considered a meal replacement bar but don't live on Natalie's Bars without balancing out your diet with raw foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts & clean water!

Jammin Jams & Jellies

  • Hot Cherry Pepper Jam

    Hot Cherry Pepper Jam

  • Peach Jam

    Peach Jam

  • Cranberry Jam

    Cranberry Jam

  • Red Raspberry Jam

    Red Raspberry Jam

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Hempzel's Link

Hempzels.com link

Nutrition Chart Hemp Nut Butter

100% Hemp - LIghtly Toasted Whole Seed and Expeller Pressed hemp oil.

No You Won't Test Positive

Peanut-Hemp Butter & Jam Combinations