Raspberry & Hemp Jam

From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Seedless raspberry (Non GMO) combined with raw cane sugar & de-hulled hemp seed and whole hemp seed.  Nothing to affect flavor but just the added benefit of hemp seed into the busy diet. Combined with our 100% Nut-less Hemp Seed Butter for a great, no nut, no peanut butter - healthier sandwich. Safe for the kids.

We produced a double batch and didn't move them in our year date. In stock til gone are extras with 2014 date on sale. Kept cold. All good. 

Presently packaged in 8oz glass jars sold by the jar, case or pallet. Available on a limited basis.

Wheat, diary, gluten free - produced in a facility that does handle dairy, wheat or nut products but not in the same area. We may not continue production depending on demand.