Hemp flax and Berry Bar 2.25oz


Garlic Jam good stuff Real garlic made with real sugar for a real good jam. I tried having hemp seed added in - it looked good but seperated. This is another good example of quality - Amish made for Natalie's Choice Traditional Country Jams. 

Sold at Newark Natural Foods - DE, Sonnewalds Natural Foods, York, PA, Dietrichs Meats - Kempton area, PA.

9oz - Available direct by the jar or case. ORDER HERE

Seedless Black Raspberry Jam

  Another winner made by a select Amish community to produce Natalie's Choice Traditional Country Jams. 

Sugar and fruit - this time Black Raspberry - Seedless. Created to compliment Natalie's Hemp Seed Nut-less butter a peanut butter substitute.

9oz Jars.


Orange Pineapple Jam

Orange Pineapple Jam to compliment Natalie's Hemp Nut Butter  Made in small batches by a select group of Amish ladies who bring the old fashion tradition to jam making. Here pineapple and oranges are mixed wih raw cane sugar. 

Made to compliment Natalie's Hemp Seed Nut-less butter use this jam on everything good, toast, cookies, marinading.

9oz jars MSRP $3.99 direct 



Nutrition Chart Hemp Nut Butter

100% Hemp - LIghtly Toasted Whole Seed and Expeller Pressed hemp oil.

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Pennsylvania Produced

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