• It's All About The Hemp Seed

    It's All About The Hemp Seed

    Hemp Seed That Is Used In Natalie's Choice Omega Foods - Raw on the left / whole on the right. Squeeze them you get oil. 8oz Bags are going to 32oz - Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour, Hemp Oil, Imported from Canada and now using American farmers since 2019.   Read More
  • Garlic Lovers Unite & Jam with Us

    Garlic Lovers Unite & Jam with Us

        Are you a garlic lover? just like garlic? - you are going to love this jam. Initially developed to go with our Hempeanut Butter & Jams but at the Gourmet Food Shows the Chef's and attendees suggest using NataliesChoice Sweet Garlic Jam on vegetables, toast, bagels, cream cheese, sandwiches, meats, cheeses, grilling, glazing, marinading -Packaged in small glass jars  and now 32oz for family or food service. Refrigerate after opening. No hemp seed in this particular product - we tried - but regardless it's a great product exported from Lancaster Pennsylvania.   - Dietrichs Meats - Kempton area, PA. 9oz - Available direct by the jar or case.   fall Sale GARLIC JAM SALE - try it out... Read More
  • Sweet Cherry Hot Pepper Jam

    Sweet Cherry Hot Pepper Jam

    Another one of our best sellers our hot pepper jam is sugar first than cherry peppers - imagine general zho's chicken coating - bingo - locally sourced fruit from Lancaster County produced specifically for NataliesChoice™ by the Amish Community and exported from Lancaster County -  We are updating our labeling Dec 2018 into 2019 brighter - more visible - same great taste Glass Jars 9oz Size and 32oz Family or Food Service Size Available - inquiries welcome If it's not hot enough - than check out our RedHEMPepper Jam "Red Hot Pepper without hemp -  Read More
  • Higher Protein Peanut Butter and Jammin Jellies

    Higher Protein Peanut Butter and Jammin Jellies

    For years we made our NataliesChoice™ hemp butter / spread from 100% hemp seed & hemp oil, no sugar no salt, you either liked it or didn't - it was Paleo approved but we want something more mainstream. Switching it up; Using hemp hearts & blending roasted peanuts OR Cashew OR just itself wtih hemp oil and a bit of salt - each one is way better with a higher protein source and taste good. I would like to get it creamy but folks still like it. Our Traditional Country Jams have hemp hearts / fruit first except for Garlic & Cherry Pepper which are sugar first than fruit.                    Read More
  • Natalies hemp, flax, berry bar with Organic granola.

    Natalies hemp, flax, berry bar with Organic granola.

        Natalie's Choice organic granola (soft) combined with raw hemp, milled flax, cranberries. 2.25oz bar   NOW 7/2019 - GLUTEN FREE Read More
  • Nut-less hemp seed spread

    Nut-less hemp seed spread

            Decrease your risk of peanut allergies with this alternative Increase your protein, vitamin E, keep refrigerated after opening upon purchase and before use, stir well makes approximately 12 sandwiches depending on how thick you spread it wheat, dairy, gluten-free   Presently we are making limited runs of 100% raw hemp hearts vs whole seed stocking the HEMPeanut Butter blended. Read More
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Hemp flax and Berry Bar 2.25oz

September Website Major Shift

We are looking forward during 2020 and now making some major changes regarding our NataliesChoice.com website.

  1. It will have a new look and feel - 
  2. It will be more responsive, it will be updated
  3. you will be able to order easier - quicker and interact with us.
  4. Thank you for your business. Nataliebars are being produced in September along with more products into 2021 - Topicals.

No Eating Hemp Seed Won't Trigger A False Positive

Hemp Seed is a great source of plant based minerals and essential oils. You don't mill it like flax, can eat it raw, shelled, whole or ground into a protein powder. Basically hemp is good for skin hair and heart. Ask Doctor Oz or Andrew Weil - they've been preaching the benefits of hemp for over 10 years. You'll see many brands of hemp seed - ours comes in from Canada - it's packaged in a woman owned facility. Here are some of the benefits listed below. Test Pledge is for Hempzels our partner brand under the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. We use the same hemp seed, hemp flour and hemp oil. All missing THC for those bummed to know. Agricultural hemp vs medicinal or recreational varieties of Cannabis.


Benefits of Hemp Seed

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Upcoming Events

Due to the CORONA Virus all of our events for the first quarter of 2020 have been postponed.

WE are shipping direct - merging our shopping cart with the Hempzels™ cart.

We plan on delivering in and around Lancaster, PA.

Hempzel's Link

Hempzels.com link

Nutrition Chart Hemp Nut Butter

100% Hemp - LIghtly Toasted Whole Seed and Expeller Pressed hemp oil.

No You Won't Test Positive