Customer Loves Natalie's Nut-less Butter

Thanks Sheila for your suggestions to help others make the most of Natalie's hemp seed nutless butter and digging the Hempzel Pretzels.

September Website Major Shift

We are looking forward during 2020 and now making some major changes regarding our website.

  1. It will have a new look and feel - 
  2. It will be more responsive, it will be updated
  3. you will be able to order easier - quicker and interact with us.
  4. Thank you for your business. Nataliebars are being produced in September along with more products into 2021 - Topicals.

Higher Protein Peanut Butter and Jammin Jellies

  • For years we made our NataliesChoice™ hemp butter / spread from 100% hemp seed & hemp oil, no sugar no salt, you either liked it or didn't - it was Paleo approved but we want something more mainstream. Switching it up;
  • Using hemp hearts & blending roasted peanuts OR Cashew OR just itself wtih hemp oil and a bit of salt - each one is way better with a higher protein source and taste good. I would like to get it creamy but folks still like it.
  • Our Traditional Country Jams have hemp hearts / fruit first except for Garlic & Cherry Pepper which are sugar first than fruit.
    2HEMPeanutButter 3JamswithChanvre USPSB Box 250W





. .Coming soon - our new updated Raspberry Hemp Jam & Red Hot Hemp Pepper Jam...April 2018



Combined on whole wheat bread and with jam it's pretty darn good. Available presently in 8oz jars and packaged in 6 packs or 12 packs.











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Upcoming Events

Due to the CORONA Virus all of our events for the first quarter of 2020 have been postponed.

WE are shipping direct - merging our shopping cart with the Hempzels™ cart.

We plan on delivering in and around Lancaster, PA.

Nutrition Chart Hemp Nut Butter

100% Hemp - LIghtly Toasted Whole Seed and Expeller Pressed hemp oil.

No You Won't Test Positive