September Website Major Shift

We are looking forward during 2020 and now making some major changes regarding our website.

  1. It will have a new look and feel - 
  2. It will be more responsive, it will be updated
  3. you will be able to order easier - quicker and interact with us.
  4. Thank you for your business. Nataliebars are being produced in September along with more products into 2021 - Topicals.

Raspberry & Hemp Jam

From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Seedless raspberry (Non GMO) combined with raw cane sugar & de-hulled hemp seed and whole hemp seed.  Nothing to affect flavor but just the added benefit of hemp seed into the busy diet. Combined with our 100% Nut-less Hemp Seed Butter for a great, no nut,  - healthier sandwich. Safe for the kids.

Presently packaged in 9oz glass jars sold by the jar, case or pallet. Available on a limited basis.

Wheat, diary, gluten free.

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New Jars, new labels - same great taste. On Sale August.New Jars, new labels - same great taste. On Sale August.

Upcoming Events

Due to the CORONA Virus all of our events for the first quarter of 2020 have been postponed.

WE are shipping direct - merging our shopping cart with the Hempzels™ cart.

We plan on delivering in and around Lancaster, PA.

Nutrition Chart Hemp Nut Butter

100% Hemp - LIghtly Toasted Whole Seed and Expeller Pressed hemp oil.

No You Won't Test Positive